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Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin was born in Central Western NSW in 1947. At age 3 his mother died from End Stage Kidney Disease and he was bought up by his three elder sisters, meaning his childhood was disrupted. Patrick moved to Sydney when he was sixteen, after his father died, and lived on the streets, in the parks and homeless shelters until he got work with a plumbing wholesaler and moved into a boarding house. Patrick doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t write poetry, often on the insides of torn cigarette packets, bits of paper he found in the parks or hand towels when he could find some. Patrick says “Poetry saved my matter how black things got poetry always helped me find my light.”

See Pat's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

A House

What is it?

This house, I call 'Alone'.

Where I'm not on my own

Walls painted with words, 

floor wet with ink,

ideas and verse left to die

beside the sink.

A house of joy and fear.

This battlefield of a sort

where over the years

my demons and I have fought.

A house where no noe comes,

but all are there. 

A house where I endure,

but I cannot bear

A house of pain

yet I return here,

again and again

looking through the window

watching the world go by

Just myself, me and I.

© Astra Howard 2014