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Description: The Moving Story-Telling Vehicle (MSTV) was wheeled along the streets of Katoomba, Leura, Blackheath and Wentworth Falls, stopping at various points in each location.  Short quotes from notable writing about the Blue Mountains had previously been recorded in a booklet that had a letter unit grid arrangement similar to that of the MSTV, that is, six lines, each carrying twenty-two letter units per line. As the Action Researcher/Performer inserted these texts into the MSTV, pedestrians stopped to watch, many entering into a conversation about their own experience of the Mountains. The Action Researcher/Performer noted the essence of this commentary, turning each into a new quote. These were then progressively added to the MSTV, so that at any one time and location, a combination of the historic texts and current personal commentary could be read in parallel, in a complementary, overlapping manner.  The MSTV has also been deployed in Green Square during 2016, in Surry Hills during the annual festival in 2016 and 2017, at Bondi Junction in Waverley in 2017 and in Rockdale for the Bayside Arts Festival in 2018.

Guest contributors (Blue Mountains): Wawrick, Geoff, Cath, Ash, Rob, Karen, Ben, Judi, Yens, Honi, Glynn, Hugo, Stephen, Rosa, Ehmanuel and numerous others.

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Guest contributors (Surry Hills): Chris, Scott, Natasha, Jane, Michelle, Fiona, Dalia, Pram, Chris B., Wayne and numerous others (2016). Mic Freeman, Christina, Richard, John, Chris, Matt, Perry, Ghaith, Sina, Cate and numerous others (2017).

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Guest contributors (Green Square): Eta, Dave G. Catherine, Larry, Strummer and numerous others. 

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Guest contributors (Waverley): Maria, Bill, Marcie, Earl, Joachim, Peter, William, Greg, Luanna and numerous others. 

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Guest contributors (Rockdale): Caroline, Jaitun and numerous others. 

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