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Elise Slater

Elise Slater

Elise is passionate about using creativity and art to inspire change in ourselves and the world.  She is a certified Art Therapist, designer and university educator and the founder of Live Softly, a social enterprise working with marginalised artisans in Nepal to create meaningful products.  Elise’s art therapy practice assists people who are struggling with life changes access their own inner creativity and create meaning from their experiences.  Art unlocks the mysteries of the unconscious mind and lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves.  Elise runs art therapy groups and private sessions from her studio in Surry Hills, she holds an Adv. Dip in Transpersonal Art Therapy & a BA (Hons) in Design from UTS.



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We wax lyrical about 'good causes' on facebook.  Philanthropy is fashionable.  But look down.  Look around.  Are you smiling at those you pass?  The old lady with whom you are the only contact she has made that day.  The invisible ones?  The ones who threaten your well to-do demeanour?  It's easier to buy a fair-trade coffee than to talk to the man with the lingering odor on the corner.  Let is start here.  Let it start now.  With you. With him.  With that little old lady who is stooped over and who is invisible to the modern world, to the vehicles of hip marketing.  What will you do today?  Can you see through the lens of another?  No more fancy causes.  Start with the cause in front of you, the unfashionably present real cause.  Start with a smile and a word. 

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