Tom Hayward - Author VV text 0218

Tom Hayward - Author VV text 0218

Tom Hayward

This text by Tom Hayward was written in a Hip Hop workshop facilitated by Joel Rapaport through StreetMedia at Oasis Youth Support Network in Surry Hills. StreetMedia offers a variety of music, media, arts and cultural programs for youth aged 16 - 25 years. Oasis is The Salvation Army's response to youth homelessness and has supported disadvantaged and marginalised young people since 1992. 

See Tom's complete contribution to Village Voices below:

I can remember moving into oasis and asking the kids who they were mates with. In this little town it didn't take too long until we were off our faces. Crushing pot into papers, drinking cases, and feeling vagrant. Growing up trying to get a job, focusing on the basics. Waking up in the morning and breathing in the koosh vapours. Tagging up my alias and it never faded. Mainlining in the summer, walls got sprayed with the rustacrome. Yeah graffiti be my second language. Some nights I would black out, sleep on the ground floor in the blankets. Yeah life was tough, still it was sacred. But I wasn't even phased by it. Still I got by smoking lots trying stay hot. As the trains flew by my life stalemated. And I got cast away, back to the home life that I hated. So I hope soon I can say that I've made it. And I've got a job doing something that pays. But in this life you either win or you fail. Because I'm sick of living in this state. Because after class it was always the same sitch. Go home broken house filled with hatred. So I'm just gonna hope I make it. So I'm just gonna hope I make it.

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